Spyglass Pro Channel Failure Detection and Bypass Switcher

Monitors your channel output and bypasses to alternate source in case of failure. 

Web browser status monitoring, manual control, and logging.



DTMF Cue Tone Generators and Decoders   

    Cue signaling for Satellite Network local advertisement insertion.   

    Cue signaling for DTMF remote control applications.

1. DTMF Cue Tone Generator and Decoder Modules

2. Hand-Held DTMF Cue Tone Generator





Tightrope Cablecast VIO-Lite TV Broadcast System

Tightrope Cablecast VIO-2 & VIO-4 TV Broadcast System

    MCS is a certified Tightrope systems integrator.   

    We provide full design, sales, installation, training and support.


Professional Audio/Video Products

    A/V Converters, Routing Switchers, Monitors, CGs, UPS, Racks etc.

See "Price List Page"